Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday fun

Here is what we did this morning for BN PT:

10 Body blasters (burpee pullup to a knees to elbows; thats one)
250m run
20 swings with 30# ammo can
250m run
10 Renegade rows (pushup on ammo cans, row one side, then the other, thats one)
250m row
20 Thrusters with one ammo can
250m run
10 Body blasters

For time: fastest time was 9:36, slowest time was 15:03.

The rest of you do the following today: posted WOD is as follows:

As many rounds you can do in twenty minutes of:

10 65# Thrusters
10 pullups

Post number of rounds to comments.


I banged out the Thruster/Pullup Workout at lunch:

10 rounds + 10 Thrusters + 4 pullups in twenty minutes. I am smoked. Good workout though. All Thrusters A2A, and all pullups were kipping. Good luck to you all.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Its not as bad as you think....Its worse.

Its an either or day here on the site. You can either do workout A, and then do BN PT, or workout B, and do BN PT today, its your pick. Both workouts are from and are the WODs and the demo WOD for today.

Workout A - Run 5k for time. Post time to comments.

Workout B - 5 rounds for total reps of the following:

135# Thrusters - 15 seconds (scaled weight is 95#)
Rest 45 seconds
50# Weighted Pullups - 15 seconds (scaled weight is 30#)
Rest 45 seconds
Burpees - 15 seconds (no scaling for this one)
Rest 45 seconds

There is enough rest built in so that every exercise in every round should pretty much be a max effort. This workout will get you, especially if you arent used to the movements. If you think you can do the 135# and the 50#, then do it. You be happy you did later. If not, stick to the scaled weight and crank it out. As always, post your choice of workouts, and your times to the comments section. If you guys want to come over at lunch and bang this one out, I will be here doing it as well, and I have an interval timer set up for this workout. is where you can get a great interval timer, by the way. Anyway, have a great day, and workout like it was your last day on Earth to workout. And in closing, you need to remember all of our troops that made it back from Iraq and Afghanistan here in the last few years that didnt come home with every body part they left home with. I met several amuptees yesterday at Walter Reed, and they all sacrificed themselves for this country, us here at Quantico, and their boys to their left and right when it went down. REMEMBER THEM. So the next time you think you cant do another thruster, pullup or burpee, know that there is someone in rehab somewhere, learning to walk on two prosthetic legs, working harder than you have ever imagined. If they can do it, whats your excuse?

I did workout B at lunchtime (just), and this is what I ended up with:

84 reps broken down like this by rounds: 7/4/7, 7/4/7, 7/4/6, 6/4/6, 5/4/6

Pretty good WOD. Like I was saying, the rest period lets you get fresh enough to hit the next exercise/round at full force. Its a great programming construct that hits it hard and fast. You guys NEED to do this one.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Back to training some skills

I should be here today, after I take care of a few things off base this morning. Feel free to be here today at 1400 for the group workout. I should be here. We will work on some skills progression, and get on a workout. See you all then. If by some chance I am not here, hit one of the workouts that you didnt hit last week from the postings.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Grind

Friday Grind by Chris Stowe

Run 500m (463 actual) From pullups bars on 600 yard line to ammo shed and back is the distance.
50 Knees to elbows
Run 500m
50 tuck jumps (jump in the air, and bring knees to chest, high as you can)
Run 500m
50 situps
Run 500m
50 pushups
Run 500m
50 air squats
Run 500m
50 dive bombers (pushup position with butt in air, like a "V", then dive down keeping hands and feet in place like you are going under a low bar, then reverse it back to the starting point)

This is your "prepare for the weekend" workout. This is a grind. In other words, I caution an all out max effort on this workout. It still needs to be a butt kicker, but try and do a little pacing on this one. That doesnt mean sandbag it, it just means the intensity level is at an "8", instead of a "10" on this one. Keep form tight on all the exercises, and push yourself. Its Friday after all, you will have all weekend to recouperate. You all are doing great, make sure you keep it up. Hill and Higginbotham, I havent seen postings from you for most of this week, and I need to know why. Have a great weekend, and next week we will get back together, as my class graduates today. Get some rest for next week, you will need it!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


150 Burpees for time. There is no other way I can say this....this will suck. Very high metabolic impact on the body, this one. Form is king on this one, not time, but you are on the clock, so be mindful. Keep a straight back in the plank portion of the burpee, head remains up, instead of looking at the ground. Spring up from the plank, and jump in the air. This is a test of wills. Its you against this workout, and make no mistake, its a battle. Post times and comments, as always. Enjoy.

Today I did the following:

1 Squat snatch 135lbs
9 Overhead squats 135 lbs
5 Muscle ups
10 GHD situps

5 rounds for time: Time was 25:38. Did the squat snatch and then went right into the Overhead squats. This one was a good WOD. Strict Muscle ups and strict GHD situps. Squat snatches and overhead squats were A2A. (A## to ankles)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Running from the voices

Run 10K. Post times to comments. Thats it. When it all comes down to it, you need to run to get better at running. For those of you that running isnt your strong suit, keep a sustainable pace. Just complete the entire 10K. Try to control your breathing, and avoid "panic breathing". Try and keep a more torso forward stance, and keep your legs "light". Stretch before and after. The run will loosen up your legs and back from the earlier workouts, it will just take a few miles to get loosened up. Have a great run, and make sure to post your times.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bodyweight never felt so heavy

AM and PM group both do the following.

Another bodyweight WOD from Crossfit HQ, as I am unsure if you guys are able to get into the gym or not, and I want to make sure you are getting a workout. We will start hitting up workouts with skills in them next week after I get back to keep an eye on you guys. Hit this one with a high level of intensity, and it will snake bite you. Great workout. As always, form is of the utmost importance. It does no good if you can burn through this workout, and have your form on these exercises be crap. Good form, minimal rest, and push through it like a Viking through a storm. Post times and other ramblings to the comments section.

"Angie" - Crossfit HQ

100 pullups (do strict, then kipping, then jumping in that order. Dont move on to the next degredation of the exercise until you cant do anymore of the prior version)
100 pushups (all strict. Back straight, head up, chest to deck)
100 situps (get anchored for these, and these are SITUPS not CRUNCHES)
100 air squats

For time.

Do not move to another exercise until you have completed all the reps. So its 100 pullups, then 100 pushups, then 100 situps, then 100 air squats. No breaking it up into rounds or sets. Have fun, let me know what you think.

Thought for the day:

“You’ve got to drive the body to the last inch of energy then go on! You gain nothing by just going up to where your body says you’re tired. The body will build and grow only to fit the demands the mind makes upon the lazy body. If all you do is exercise until the body is tired, the body will get lazy and stop a bit shorter every time. You must go to the point of exhaustion, then go on. That way the body figures out, “We’ve got to build up more strength if that crazy mind is going to drive this hard!” If you always quit when you are merely tired, you will never gain. Once you let the body tell the mind when to quit, you are whipped for sure. You can not gain by listening to the body. We can become much stronger if we drive the body. We use about on-tenth of the available strength of our bodies and less than that of our minds.”

-General George Patton

Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday, Monday (da daa, da daa daa)

If the AM or PM group cant get to this workout due to me being out on the range, I will put a substitutute workout below it. If you guys can get to the gym, and bang this one out, then so much the better.

"Make a man out of you" by Chris Stowe

10 Bodyblasters (Burpee pullup, once done with the pullup, stay on the bar and complete a knees to elbows, thats one) Knees to elbows is just that, touch your elbows to your knees....

15 65# Thrusters

20 KB swings (sub a 50# DB if no KB available)

25 ring pushups. (no rings, then use dumbbells, and do your pushup past the bells)

30 wall ball (no wall balls, do 50 air squats)

3 rounds for time. Post time and substitutes to comments.

If you would rather due a bodyweight WOD due to equipment, then do the following:

400m walking lunge. Period. Thats it. For time. All lunges need to be as wide as you can do them, and not use your hands to push off your legs. 400m in the Battalion area is from the DES door, out to the pavillion by the end of the parking lot, and then back. Try for a time under 25 minutes.... This sneaky little WOD may seem simple, but its the simple that gets you in these workouts. Trust me. Hope you all had a good, restful weekend. You are going to need it for this week, we are going to be stepping it up a little this week, if everything works out. As always, no matter what you did today, post what you did, and your times to comments.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nasty Nasty Vegetables

Brussel Sprouts by Connie Morreale..... named this cause no one likes Brussel sprouts. This workout is a progressive one.... it builds into the suck, instead of giving it to you from the get go...Dont sleep on this workout, it will put your body into overdrive when you least expect it.

AM and PM workout group will do the following:

200m run
100m walking lunges (knee to the ground, as wide of a stance as you can take, no pushing off the legs with your arms for support.)
50 situps (not crunches)
25 pullups
25 pushups
50 back extensions (sub is a superman... lie on stomach with arms and legs streched out, and pull up legs and arms as high as you can, thats one)
100m walking lunges
200m run

Churn through this twice for time. Post times and other grumblings to the comments section.

-This weekend, get in some good and well deserved recovery time. If you are going to do anything this weekend, do light runs for no more than 5k, and keep the pace light, just active recovery. Other than that, take it easy, get plenty of rest, good clean food, and we will see you on Monday, same setup for the AM and PM groups that we have been doing the latter part of this week. Everyone is doing really well. Stay with it. You guys will be abnormally sore from what you are used to for a couple of weeks here until you get accustomed to your new way of working out your body. Check body weight this weekend, and look into the Zone and/or Paleo diets this weekend if you are looking for a way to optimize your body. Both are great ways to get that done. Links are in the link section of the blog. Have a great weekend! Get some REST!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back and forth with more of the girls

AM workout group:


3 rounds of 400m run (sub is 500m row)
21 53# KB swings (red one)
12 pullups

for time. Post times to comments.

PM workout group:


As many rounds in twenty minutes you can do of the following:

5 pullups (strict, at least as long as you can do strict, then degrade to kipping)
10 pushups (strict good form)
15 air squats

Post number of rounds to comments

These workouts are simple, fast, and brutal. Max effort on all rounds, so sandbagging or "pacing" on the rounds, other than what you need to do to stay in the game is not acceptable. There is no such thing as a person that can or cant do a workout, or anything else in life for that matter. You either will or you wont. Period. Get out what you put in, its as simple as that.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dating Nancy

I hit up the Crossfit Main page WOD after my afternoon group. 5 rounds of 400m run and 15 95# Over head squats. Time was 16:41. All OHS were unbroken. This might sound like a good one to put the AM crew through tomorrow morning. Hmmm.... Still have to come up with the PM groups workout as well. Better get on that one before I forget.

Taking on "The BEAR"

The bear is what's known as a complex. In other words, you will do a certain sequence of exercises in order to complete one "rep" in this workout. You will complete 7 "reps" in each round, for a total of 5 rounds. Starting weight is 65#, and ending weight is on the individual. Goal here is for max loads, not time, so there is no time component. Rest is as needed, but with a catch: If you are in the middle of a round, there is no resting with the bar on the ground. The bar must stay off the ground (however you want to) until that round of 7 complexes has been completed. After the first set of seven is done, you can put the bar down to rest, add weight, and chalk up as needed. This is the complex to be completed:

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back squat
Push Press

You can combine the front squat/push press and the back squat/push press into thrusters if you wish, but you must stand in the clean prior to attempting the front squat or thruster. Like I said, 7 reps of the "Bear" per round, 5 rounds total, max loads. Post loads to the comments, and have a great time with it. I love this workout, and it will WEAR YOUR GRIP OUT!

**Also, conducted unit PT this morning, and I had them do "Little Runny Angie" from Crossfit PC. This is what that was:

For time
400m run (was really 463m, but whos counting?)
50 pullups
400m run
50 situps
400m run
50 pushups
400m run
50 air squats

Times ranged from 18 minutes up to 30 minutes, depending on the ability of the individual. Good workout, really got the lungs working, thats for sure.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Legs of Despair

This one will get ya! You get out what you put in. If it wasnt hard, everyone would be in shape, and while its true that round is a shape, its not the shape you want to it? Hit this one up like you were on fire....Rest when you are done.

2 rounds of the following, all exercies 10 reps each, except for the rows.

500m row first round/ 250m row second row, everything else is the same.
Deadlift 185 lbs
Box jump
Box jump
Pistols (AKA one legged squat(5 per side))
Box jump
Over Head Squat 95 lbs
Box jump
Wall ball
Box jump

Now walk around and pretend you're a cowboy, cause youll be bowlegged for the rest of the day if you do this one right! Good luck.

My time today was 19:50. Post any other times of this workout you did to the comments, and remark in the post your weights if you scaled the workout up or down. Good job by everyone. I will get some of the pics of the workout up on the blog site soon, including a new "Pukie" awards section just for you least for now. Good job today by everyone....really!

Classes, time, and excuses

I have an Advanced Dynamic Entry Course on deck for the next two weeks. I wholly underestimated the time I would have available to teach the classes, provide instruction for the groups that I am working out in the afternoons, and actually have time to workout myself. Yesterday I sacrificed my workout time to get my guys through their workout yesterday, as they still need pretty constant attention to their form, especially when they get fatigued. I need to get some type of workout in today. I put the guys through a KB ladder yesterday of front squats, snatches, and clean and push press, and then put them through a scaled down "Fran" (21-15-9) reps of 65 lb thrusters and pullups, as they were asking for a "little" more after the KB's. Gotta get going now, as I need to get on giving some of the students a retest from yesterdays inventory test. Will try and get on here later, and add a workout for today.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sunny Day

Worked on form with a few newcomers, and then stormed through another nice outside workout compliments of Kent and James. Here is what they ended up doing:

4 rounds for time of the following:

400m runs
big tire flip 50ft
5 KB swings then behind the back toss back to start line

Each round the tire flip and KB swing/toss switched spots in the rotation due to location.

Great little quick WOD that put a good burn in the legs and lungs.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Playing outside!

Made up this WOD for the boys today. Went off real well.

(10) Tire hop through burpees
(20L/20R) sledgehammer hits to tire
Weight sled sprint (50ft) with 53#KB on sled
(5) KB swings, then behind the back toss, as many times as needed to get back to tire.
(10) Renegade Rows with KB's
Double hand waiters walk with KB's (50ft)
Farmers run back with KB's and weight sled attached to tire.

3 rounds for time.

I did the Crossfit's 7 rounds of 1 Deadlift.


Had I started heavier, I think I could have stuck 415 today. Good to know for next time.

Kelsie's Naptime

This bad boy brought to by Crossfit Pierce County.

10 Deadlift (190#)
15 Box jump
20 Air squats
10 Power cleans (115#)
15 Pullups
200m Row

3 rounds for time. Scale weight as needed, not reps or rounds for this one. This one will definately get you going.

I have started training some of our less than in shape individuals here at work, and I have also been coordinating our unit PT events for the last week or so. Yesterday when we were getting ready to work out, had four others show up to learn about "Crossfit", then before I knew it, they were about 10 or so people inside the little gym that we made that can accomodate about 3-4 people working out. Interesting to say the least. I had them grab a bunch of dowels, and we headed outside for some form work, and then had them all do a scaled version of yesterday's posted workout on Worked out pretty well. Nothing like getting a crash course in the logistics of group workouts right on the spot.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chicken Legs

"chicken legs" from Pat at CrossFit Va Beach. Got this from him last year at our Crossfit Level 1 Mil cert. You will know why its called chicken legs after you get done with it. A quick, nasty WOD that will get the blood pumping.

21-15-9 of the following for time:

Slam ball (full extension at the top, slam down as hard as you can with weighted D-ball of your choosing.

Burpee pullups (burpee into a jumping pullup)

Jumping back squat with 45lb bar (put bar on back like a back squat, squat down, then explode into a jump with the bar on the back, then drop back into another squat immediately....brutal)

Protocol: Do 21 Slam ball, 21 burpee pullups, 21 jumping back squats, then 15 of each, then 9 of each. Rest is on you.

Conducting group Pt this morning for my unit, and this is what they will be doing:

Tabata protocol for all exercises (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds per exercise, do all rounds before moving onto next exercise) set Gymboss to 20/10. Do 20 seconds of work flat out max effort, then rest for 10 seconds. 1 minute rest between each exercise to allow for rotation of the groups.

Burpee broad jumps (burpee with a jump for distance, instead of height)


bottom to bottom air squats (rest is in the bottom of the squat, not the top)

frog situps (flats of feet together, close to butt as possible, put sandbag or abmat in small of back)


Last thing for this morning. POSE running HURTS! I am trying to learn to run using the POSE method, and my calves are insanely sore. Pulling your legs up in the run, and leaning slightly forward keeping the hips open, while landing on the balls of the feet is unnatrual for me at best. My calves feel like I have never even walked before.... Guess I need to get better at it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

UP and DOWN KettlebellKoncepts style!

This workout is brought to you by Mike Krivka from CrossfitKoncepts in Gaithersburg MD. is his website. Hell of a guy, and a fantastic instructor. Here it is:

KB Front Squat (L & R)
KB Snatch (L &R)
KB Clean and Push Press (L & R)

Workout Protocol: Up and down pyramid ladder 3/4/5/6/7/6/5/4/3 : try not to put KB down until complete with a cycle (i.e. the threes, or fours, etc)

Example: Do 3 KB Front squats with appropriate weight Kb in Left hand, then Right hand. Then move to 3 KB snatches Left hand, then 3 KB snatches Right hand, then move onto KB Clean and Push press 3 left hand, then three right hand. Then move to 4's, then 5's, then 6's, then 7's, then back down the ladder back to the threes. Rest is as needed, but not until done with a given cycle. Burn through this one for time. My time with a 53# KB was 25:12. GREAT workout, and really gets a good metcon burn going. Email me or leave a blog post if you have questions about it. If you have form questions, either look it up on Youtube, or click on one of the resource links on my blog. Enjoy it!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gymboss timer

I got a gymboss timer the other day. and this thing is pretty decent for the price. 20 bucks plus shipping and you get a very solid interval timer that will count rounds for you, work intervals, and rest intervals. Small, has a clip, and beeps as well as vibrates. I like it, and its a pretty good timer for you tabatas. Just wanted to let you guys know what it was.