Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 min defense

Here is today's workout, brought to you by

"2 Minute Defense"

Rx'd Weight: 135 pounds

5 rounds of the following, for time:

1 Power Clean
3 Squat Cleans
2 Push Jerks

200 ft Sprint.

After 5 rounds, take a 2 minute break.

Repeat the five rounds again.

Time is total time of two rounds with two minute break.

Post time and load to comments....



USMCsteve said...

Where are you located exactly? I'd like to start crossfit again.

Steph said...

is Crossfit WTBN only open to active duty?? i'm a spouse here at i'm just trying to find a crossfit gym close by.

Chris said...

I love this page. Why are you guys MIA? I hope everyone is OK.